This site should be considered as fun / game provided "as is", without any kind of warranty. Especially - this site is not a wallet of any kind, so try to withdraw as often as you can. We still try to give you best experience.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is decentralized digital form of cash and uses the Internet to send coins between adresses. Watch this movie or visit Official Bitcoin site to learn more.

How can I get my wallet?

To send/receive Bitcoins you need a wallet. You can create one at blockchain.info. Once you have created your wallet copy your personal Bitcoin address assigned with it and paste into our site.

What address types are supported?

We accept Legacy (P2PKH) starting with "1" and Compatibility (P2SH) starting with "3" addresses only. Bech32 addresses (Segwit) are not supported - starting with "bc1".

Why are you giving away Bitcoins?

We want to spread this great idea of decentralized cryptocurrencies to the whole world. The best way is to give a little bit for free, that people could see how brilliant and easy in use it is. All rewards are funded by donations and advertisements.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw at any moment by clicking on your balance. We use faucetpay.io micropayment cache to send your bitcoins. If you don`t have a faucetpay.io account you must create it firstly and link your address there.

I did not receive my payment yet, why?

We pay up to 4 days after request. Usually you receive your payments much faster. Some of our bonus partners need 72 hours to verify fraud activity on accounts. If you do not use Nightfallnews or EngagedHits you should receive your payment without waiting so long.

Do you have referral program?

Yes, we have. You will get 20% of your referred users commissions. Once you are logged in, referral link is shown at the bottom of main page. You can also use our banners. Check REFER page for more details.

I want to change my address, can I do that?

There is no possibility to do that, sorry.

Can I use more than 1 BTC address to claim more?

It is strictly prohibited to use multi accounts. Also using proxy, VPN, VPS and other methods such as automated software and browser extensions creating fake traffic is not allowed. We will ban all accounts violating these rules.

I have more questions

If you have more questions feel free to use contact form here.